Jesse on production in Colorado for the RV Nomads movie.

Jesse Ingram – Cinematographer
In 2019, Jesse earned his Bachelor’s in Cinematography from Full Sail University, Orlando, FL.

In 2013 Jesse and his wife Jenny moved to Oregon, 3,000 miles from their families in Florida. Jesse initially created videos as a way to share events and adventures with those family members across the continent. While he still continues to create YouTube videos for friends and family, he’s also begun working on large projects like “RV Nomads the Movie”.

Several other projects are in progress, and two are in post production. “Spark” and “Re-Create” (working titles) go deeper into more meaningful, and thought provoking stories. Stay tuned…


Here are a handful of the projects Jesse has worked on.

RV NOMADS – Director of Photography

Originally brought on as a camera operator, Jesse was chosen to become the Director of Photography after proving he knew which end of the camera to point toward the talent. Many friendships were forged during production of RV Nomads, a documentary that explores the reasons so many people are choosing to live a nomadic life on the road. Take note the RV used for the cover, seen any others like it on this site??

Daily Behind The Scenes videos during production of RV Nomads.

Student Project

This is a very short film created for one of Jesse’s cinematography courses. Many different camera angles, like over-the-shoulder (OTS) and reaction shots were utilized to create what feels like an intense albeit entertaining morning minute between mother and daughter.

First few videos of informational series

A work in progress, this series picks apart strategies to help future travelers with the process of transitioning from a permanent home to a life of travel.

RVing to Mexico

Such newbies!! This series began early 2018 with the first big destination Baja, Mexico. Looking back we could’ve never guessed all the events that would transpire, but what an adventure it was. This series was cut short when we expeditiously left Baja to connect with the crew for production of RV Nomads. With boatloads more footage that hasn’t been released, we hope to revisit this series and create several more videos sharing some of the highlights that await adventurous RVers in Baja, Mexico.

Travel Panama playlist

Our most recent series, with a mix of informational and entertaining travel videos not only about traveling in Panama, but also international travel with a toddler. We almost didn’t make it to Panama, as our son Tucker was hospitalized only days before our trip. Panama proved to be an incredible place to spend three months as a family.