Frequently Asked Questions

How do you look so good on camera?

Okay, so yes this is NOT a question we’ve EVER been asked but in case you were wondering, Jenny is a natural babe, Tucker is a natural babe-magnet (they called him “Casanova” in Mexico) and I (Jesse writing) have been told I have a face for radio. In our more recent videos, three things help Jenny, Tucker, or whomever the talent being recorded look good.

1 – Good lighting on the talent. I’ll use soft lights if possible, and when shooting outside I really try to keep the talent brighter than the background.

2 – For interviews or talking head videos I’ll use a shallow depth of field within the camera, to help the audience focus on the speaker and to achieve what people commonly call the “cinematic” look.

3 – I record when Jenny and Tucker tell me they’re ready. Unless there is a time-critical shot, like Tucker opening presents, I let them tell me when they’re ready for the camera. Recording video still causes arguments, but much fewer if I allow my talent time to get into the right mindset for having a camera in their faces.

What kind of RV do you travel in?

Our 2002 American Eagle 40Q has been wonderful. We bought her March 2017 while in the final stages of preparing to “escape corporate America” and live our life of freedom. With “Edna the Eagle” we’ve have had amazing experiences as a family.

Check out some of our old videos about shopping for RV’s for more details, but we’d never heard of American Coach RV’s before finding ours. That’s most likely because they were out of our price range, WAY out of our range. Then we learned how fast RV’s depreciate.

You’ll find much nicer, bigger, and beautiful RV’s today, but we laugh about traveling around the same way as “rich” people did fifteen years ago. Some things are silly, such as lighted mirrors spanning the ceiling. They also act as A/C deflectors preventing the harsh cold air from blowing directly onto us. But many of the “extras” that go into luxury coaches ARE pretty sweet, and definitely make traveling in our American Eagle feel more like home. Lots of solid wood, tile floors, washer/dryer, tons of storage and a 400hp Cummins engine.

We feel the space shrinking as our son Tucker gets bigger, but for now it works very well for us.