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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain


RV NOMADS the Movie | Cast, Crew

AS SEEN ON | Cover Family RVing Magazine

Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) feature article about our epic RV trip through Baja, Mexico.

AS SEEN ON | Crazy Family Adventure Blog

We shared our incredible experiences of traveling through Baja, Mexico with Crazy Family Adventure. Of note was how we traveled: in a massive RV, with a dog, a baby, and gear for almost every outdoor sport offered in Baja.

AS SEEN ON | FMCA March, 2019

This was our first time sharing information with the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA). This article was about the RV Nomads movie.

AS SEEN ON ENTV | Jesse Ingram named Director of Photography for RV NOMADS the Movie

Jesse initially signed onto Epic Nomad TV (ENTV) as a cameraman to help create the RV NOMADS movie. Within a couple weeks of production, Jesse proved himself and was promoted to Director of Photography for the film.

AS SEEN ON | FMCA October, 2018 Family RVing Magazine

In this article, we shared details about production of our movie, the RV Nomads documentary about the RV movement.

Crossing The Mexican Border – Heading To Mexico Part 3

Crossing the Mexican Border I was blindsided by the nervousness I felt heading to the Mexican border. For months, we’d researched what was involved in crossing the border; reading blogs, memorizing the items we were and were not allowed to bring through customs,...

Heading to Mexico – Part 1. FL to TX

As we mentioned in the last video, we didn’t think we would EVER make it out of Florida. We didn’t give up and now found ourselves at the Florida border. Is this real?   Each of us were getting over colds, Nutmeg recovering from surgery, and our first few camping...

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Ten Feet of Freedom

“Ten Feet of Freedom” What does ten feet of freedom mean? It describes the feeling you get while watching the ocean pass below your feet. No engine sounds, no lines tugging at you. Simply the wind weaving through your hair and the sensation you’ve lost twenty pounds...

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Season One Begins!

Kicking 2018 into full throttle - BAJA BOUND It’s been awhile since our last blog post. By awhile, I mean like half a year! That coincidentally is around the time our baby boy Tucker was born. Funny how that works. We’ve been awful with our social media, website,...

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Join our adventure!

Join our adventure!

We are Jesse, Jenny, and Tucker. For five years we saved up all that we could because we wanted something more out of our lives. In 2017 we sold our home and hit the road in our RV. We’ve been traveling ever since! From the Pacific Northwest to Florida then all up and down Baja, Mexico, we’ve been non-stop and have zero intentions of slowing down.