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For five years we saved up all that we could because we wanted something more out of our lives. In 2017, we hit the road and have been traveling ever since!

From the Pacific Northwest to Florida then all up and down Baja, Mexico. We’ve been non-stop and have zero intentions of slowing down.

May 2018, while camped out on a remote Mexican beach, it hit us. We had escaped the corporate 9-5 grind, had unplugged, and were doing things we’d only read in books. This wasn’t the normal vacation where we had a schedule and a certain day to return to work. We were free to roam, wherever the wind took us.

It was both scary and exciting. We found true freedom for the first time in our lives!

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Swimming With Whale Sharks in Mexico

Swimming With Whale Sharks in Mexico

Our experience swimming with whale sharks in Mexico was fantastic. These beautiful beasts are the king of the sea! How did we swim next to them? Stay tuned until the end of this blog to see how we ended up right next to these amazing creatures. Before we begin, make...

Boondocking With Mexico’s Millionnaire

Boondocking With Mexico’s Millionnaire

We never expected boondocking with Mexico's Millionaire couple. In our 11th episode, we move our RV front and center, in a wealthy community south of Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico. Funny how things seem to work out. We'd been cramped inside a noisy & dusty RV park...

Driving Our RV Through A Crazy Parade

Driving Our RV Through A Crazy Parade

One moment in our life when we were driving our RV through a crazy parade, we didn't think of stumbling upon a bunch of people getting loud in Baja, Mexico. It was exciting! Even if we were in a hurry, which was our first mistake, these fun people passed through us...

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