Sometimes it’s nice to have your own bathroom…

Short intro-video with footage from some places we’ve been.

We’re Jesse, Jenny, and Tucker, an adventurous family that made some BIG changes. By living intentionally and setting goals, we’ve broken free and travel full-time as a family.

Jesse & Tucker connecting our truck to the RV.


Growing up near Cocoa Beach, FL my love for the ocean was unstoppable. At least until I joined the military where my first assignment was Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma the most landlocked state possible. Since then I’ve been chasing tropical beaches and perfect waves around the world, backpack and surfboard in-tow.

From surf travel blossomed a new passion, cinematography. Outside Is Calling, full-time family travel, all aspects of this lifestyle we’ve chosen, it’s all for one reason. To chase dreams, and follow our passions; waves & pixels. While my background is in power generation, my passions are elsewhere. Society pressures us to do the opposite, but we traded security for freedom. My goal is to lead a fulfilling life I can be proud of and inspire others to follow their own dreams.

I’m currently wrapping up my Bachelor’s Degree in Cinematography from Full Sail University, Orlando, FL. That degree helped me land a crew position for RV Nomads the Movie, a documentary about the full-time RV movement. So many doors open, but they require us to take that first step. I’m super-excited to see what other opportunities come about from our bold choice to redefine how we live as a family.

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Other education and achievements:
Director of Photography – RV Nomads
Powerplant Ops. – USAF & Army Corps
A.S. Degree – Eastern Florida College
Horticulture & Permaculture – University of Oregon
Wilderness EMT
Wilderness Survival


Happy when the sun is shining. Loves warm beaches, reading, and surfing beach break.
I belong on the beach. Last summer in Texas, while Jesse was helping production for RV Nomads, I was a fish out of water. That’s when I truly realized my need for the water, so strange. I’d lived nearby one body of water or another my whole life and never realized how much it was a part of me. When we plan our travel routes, you can bet there’s an ocean, river, or creek with a rope swing nearby!
My favorite RV spot so far is xxx. One of my most memorable experiences from traveling as a family is xxx. It’s incredible to expose our son to so many cool things.


Tucker & Momma, another wonderful beach day

A tiny casanova and he knows it. Grom in the making. Loves snacks and is constantly on the move.
Tucker is what keeps us going, and on our tip toes every waking moment. We call him our little rascal; a very fitting name indeed. And while he can be such a pain in the neck, we wouldn’t trade a single minute of it. Seeing his eyes widen as he finds a cool new animal in the tide pools, or his ear-to-ear grin, deep in the jungle as he realizes the rope bridge swings more the harder he steps, those are the things that keep us going. Life doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s an adventure. An adventure in which we need to remember to stop and have fun, lots of fun! Our little rascal does a good job at reminding us these simple yet important life lessons.