Baja, Mexico

Ever been to Baja, Mexico? Or have plans on traveling south of the border? I tell you what, it’s easier (or harder?) than you think! You have to be wary of lots of things and trust me when I say Mexico isn’t as dangerous as it looks if you know what to look out for.

We’ve recently started our Baja RV Adventure Travel Series and partnered up with a few companies to share our experience crossing the borders and we’re so excited to show you what it’s like to travel south!

Jenny and Tucker 


If you need to buy your own tow bars, Roadmaster has tons of tow bar options with all great features that you should check out. And guess what? If you use the code OUTSIDE when you purchase your tow bar, you’ll get a FREE upgrade kit worth $97! Just visit their page or give them a call. Don’t forget to use the code! You wouldn’t want to miss the free upgrade, would you? You’ll see what we put our Nighthawk through throughout the series, and it took everything we threw at it. 

Our motorhome weighs just south of 20 TONS! All that weight focused on our 3x RV jacks = a good chance of breaking concrete, crushing asphalt, or plugging holes in the grass. The bigger footprint and weight disbursement mean we can put jacks down, knowing we will leave the parking spot just as we found it. We use Prime RV SnapPads, but you can check their site to see which ones fit your rig best. SnapPad has amazing jack pads and leveling pads that will suit your RV.

Everything about it is better, less money, less work, less waste. Do yourself a favor and replace your RV fridge’s cooling unit with one from JC Refrigeration. To get the same one like ours, their subsidiary Dutch Aire makes 12V compressor units – the same kind as found in residential refrigerators. They offer $50 off AND a FREE phone consultation to identify how a new unit can help your RV fridge. Visit their website JC Refrigeration and give them a call. Don’t forget to mention our info!

Battle Born Batteries

We are using Battle Born Batteries for over two years and they are the absolute best way to store solar power. These 4x 100 amp-hour lithium batteries offer twice the capacity of your old batteries with only a fraction of weight. It’s maintenance-free allowing you to get out there and stay out there or get out here and stay out here.

Family Motor Coach Association

We have been members of FMCA for over three years and have a ton of resources for RVers. They offer services like FMCAssist, RV Wifi, FMCA University, FMCA Campground, and they even have a monthly RV Magazine which our RV was featured in for our trip through Baja. Check out FMCA and get 10% off your membership by using the code OUTSIDE20.

Rough Guides

Aside from the amazing resources we have for you, we personalized an instructional and comprehensive Baja Travel Guide when you cross the Mexican borders and travel all the way down south. Our Travel Guide bundle comes with three amazing freebies: (1) Our own Travel Guide with travel tips and advice, (2) a free checklist of the related things needed on your way, and (3) a FREE Rough Guides eBook of your choice. We offer a special code to get the free eBook. 


What you’ll get:

✓ A Comprehensive Travel Guide

✓ Free Travel Checklist

✓ Free Rough Guides eBook of your choice!