Update - Aug 1, 2019

Hey guys, we're giving our website a COMPLETE overhaul. We hope you enjoy some of the new content such as those found on the Home & Portfolio pages. These other pages are being built and updated right now. Feel free to look around but please be sure to swing back through in a few weeks to see all the great content. I think you'll not only like it, but will find some useful info to help you on your own adventures.

Much more to come. See you soon!


We're going LIVE








Welcome to the GEAR Page,


We’re digging through every nook and cranny to find out what we have and what we haven’t used the past two years of full time travel. Often times, a product sounds like the perfect “thing” to make travel easier or more enjoyable. Not everything works or goes as planned and here we’ll share our battle-tested gear that has made the cut; gear that is useful for our travel needs.

We’ve found a great way to organize and post all the gear in a way that’s easy to navigate. Click below to see it ALL!




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