A crazy adventure in open waters might not be your thing but it is for us! After receiving Jenny’s scuba lessons, it’s time to do it in the open-sea. Yes, we meant diving in the sea! Not in the pool, but in the ocean blue and the deep. Our last episode – Baja’s BEST Scuba Diving (Part 1) walked you through Jenny’s training and a few other things. Now it’s time for part two! Also, check out our Baja Series Playlist and see what we’re up to in Mexico.



Our previous episode showed Jenny getting her certification. Lots and lots of diving lessons all demonstrated in a pool. Her diving instructor really showed her the RIGHT methods. Of course we enjoyed swimming and diving in a 15-feet pool. Cabo Pulmo is a special place to dive, for sure. They have people coming from all over the world to scuba dive, snorkel and enjoy the waters. Or just go there for summer!

What’s In Cabo Pulmo?

We even spoke to other divers who were there just specifically on dive trips. There’s even multiple shipwrecks and reefs, lots of shark diving. Pretty cool for anyone who loves recreation. What’s really cool with Mexico is this very chill mood and relaxing ambiance. The beach there between the resorts has multiple properties that they rented out. We definitely recommend Cabo Pulmo. You can either stay there or stay somewhere close as you can.

Jenny’s first dive was a shallow reef dive where there’s a huge tunnel in the rock and she just got to swim through. It’s the coolest thing! She did two more reef dives, a drift drift, and a shipwreck dive to complete the lesson. When Jenny finished her four dives, we had a quick change of plans. She doesn’t have to go diving that day which means I get to dive in her place.

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