Getting PADI Certified in Cabo Pulmo is one of our agenda. After our tragic loss from Nutmeg’s passing (see blog post We Got Our Hearts Broken in La Paz), it is best to move on but never forget. And part of moving on is to distract yourself by doing something. What we had in mind is scuba diving. The rest is to enjoy it while it lasts.


Cabo Pulmo

Welcome to Cabo Pulmo located on the east cape of Baja. To give you a little bit more of a background where it’s at, we are southeast of La Paz. There’s a popular kitesurfing area called Laventana and we’re just northeast of that. If you want to visit Cabo Pulmo sometime soon, you might want to consider staying in these places.

When we arrived in Cabo Pulmo, we thought we’d just find some little spots on the beach RV camping area. It’s all rocks but there’s no sand to worry about. This area is like off-grid camping where people can park and there are no hookups.

Our Coping Mechanism

As mentioned in our last video, you can check it right here, we were pretty heartbroken. We didn’t do a whole lot but it was actually kind of a local distraction when Tucker would cry and want some cuddling. We did walk the beach and plenty of beachcombing And the resorts, they have beautiful scenery.

There were kind of nice dive shops and places I’ve been to in the past. They have a very strict schedule when they’re doing their training when they’re doing courses and you have to follow that schedule in this case they were very flexible with us. They were super accommodating, they will get you set up with gear and everything else.

Getting PADI certified in Cabo Pulmo is actually pretty worth it for a moment diving next to sharks. Try it and get yours in Cabo Pulmo!

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