We got our hearts broken in La Paz. Losing such an important part of the family is never easy. It’s so sad that we cannot keep them long enough to stay. Our latest episode will walk you through our trip to La Paz where we swam next to whale sharks. But along with the fun we had was a mixture of grief and sadness. Losing someone you dearly loved is bittersweet but life goes that way. We only hope for in life is to understand that without death, there would be no reason to remember. Check out our previous blog and tell us what you think about us getting ready swimming with whale sharks.



Going back to our episode, last time we picked up our parents for a week of family adventures throughout baja. This time we’re swimming with the world’s largest fish, the whale shark. We’ve done a lot of cool stuff but being able to swim with the whale shark that’s on our top 10 coolest things we’ve ever done.

It was an incredible week with our parents and we were happy we got to show them some of these areas. It was great quality time together. Unfortunately, our worst days came and we had to take Nutmeg to the vet, she hadn’t been eating for a couple of days.

Nutmeg and La Paz

We’ve mentioned it in our previous videos but Nutmeg was battling from cancer and we’d taken her to the vet down in Cabo. She’d been on medication to battle the growths and when we got to the vet. The doctor wanted to keep an eye on her for a night so we left nutmeg with her. The three of us had lunch and our food had not even come before the vet called and explained that she’s kind of taken a turn for the worse.

Before that, Nutmeg was on the beach playing with a little black dog you just jumping around playing. She seemed to be okay and all of a sudden her body started to shut down. Within about half an hour, she passed away on us.

We definitely miss her. It’s that drive leaving was awful and our hearts were broken. We had to get over it. There was nowhere for us to stay in Cabo. We used to call ourselves the wolf pack because we could get nutmeg to howl and she was a really good howler when you got her going.

Losing nutmeg is a reminder that tomorrow’s never a guarantee and it’s why we’re traveling. We have to keep reminding ourselves that tomorrow is a blessing and that we need to leave each day the best that we can. Surely, we got out hearts broken in La Paz.

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