Our experience swimming with whale sharks in Mexico was fantastic. These beautiful beasts are the king of the sea! How did we swim next to them? Stay tuned until the end of this blog to see how we ended up right next to these amazing creatures.

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VRBO Rental

We have been at Pescadero Beach for over a week and we were excited to head over to the airport. Our parents came to visit us in Baja. It was our first time to have someone visit and the RV was a little bit small. So, we went ahead and rented a house so we can have our own space.

On our way to the airport, there’s this very modern toll bridge and amazing highway. We arrived with time to spare. The airport reminded us a lot of the Portland, Oregon Airport. Very small and easy to navigate especially if you are a foreign traveler.

Breaking our RV

When we were heading back to our RV, our parents helped us packed and ready to get going. Since we’re moving out of the beach, Jenny’s Dad had this golden moment of driving the RV from point A to point B. I showed him how to drive the RV and after minutes of lessons, finally, we’re moving out this dirt road. Jenny, Mom, and Tucker were driving our pick-up truck. However, we failed to mention Dad about turning so we ended up breaking a few things. Regardless, we had a great time.

The house rental was 15 minutes away from where we parked our RV. It was luxurious, modern, and full of concrete. This was a killer score and we got really lucky. It was a VRBO success story.

Swimming With Whale Sharks in Mexico

We went down Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas and ate out at Cabo Wabo. If you love Margarita you probably have heard about Cabo Wabo, they make great tequilas!

And now we’re off to see some whale sharks! We were escorted by this company and briefed with guides and information before we headed out to the sea to swim. Check out their details right over here, Baja Expedition, in case you want to do the same activity.

We boarded the boat, geared up, and prepared to dive. Swimming with whale sharks in Mexico was a great experience.

Watch more of our expeditions next week. See you on our next adventure!

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