Do you ever wonder about all that is left in Punta Conejo? We explored south of Baja hoping to find every bit of Mexico. We didn’t fail. Our adventure never stopped there. As travelers, we care about making choices while on the road and it’s always been there since. Our latest episode will talk about a place in Baja called Punta Conejo. A beach where there’s absolutely nothing but waves to surf and a place to boondock.

Before you start, we recommend you check out our first episode and see what we’re really up to. Don’t miss out on our adventure of a lifetime!

Heading down to the beach is our first priority during those times and we really looked forward to arriving at Punta Conejo. Being on a Mexican beach is something overwhelming and exciting. Do you know that Punta Conejo is directly translated in English as Rabbit’s Point? Well, that’s trivia for you! Spanish is the language!


Enjoying Punta Conejo

We remembered our girl, Nutmeg, as she sniffed and chased crabs along the shore, completely bewildered by this sea creature. And Jenny choosing not to surf because there are only a few people there! She was worried she might become shark bait. I mean, she would surf only if there are other more bait!

All these fun activities, surfing, dirt-biking, watching sunset and the amazing landscape, all in Baja. However, Punta Conejo is not good for anything else aside from what mentioned above. It’s isolated and it’s completely off the map. Just one of a few cons of this place. So make sure to have your own solar panel to store your batteries and not run out of other things to do.

There are people, I guess living, near this beach and that time we got there, those were fishermen. On our video, they got us big lobster only for a fine price. Three big lobsters for 10 dollars was enough to enjoy the night at Punta Conejo.

Things are not permanent so after a week of staying, we had to bid our farewell. Our trip soon lasted and now we’re heading to another place in Mexico!

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