Our adventure began the moment we drove all the way down south of the border and started exploring Baja, Mexico in an RV, with a baby, and a dog.


Our trip began without a hitch and we arrived at the Sea of Cortez. We explored the nearby town called Punta Final, hiked over to an island and parked the RV beside a small village. We almost got stuck because it is only accessible each day when the tide is low. That would probably be the best spot to go spearfishing.



Surfing and other activities


We had more fun-seeking brave new experiences in Gonzaga Bay. After our first couple of days of relatively calm weather, some severe storms formed off the coast of the Sea of Cortez and really churned up the sea. We had no expectations of finding surf but after the storm passed by, we had amazing waist-to-shoulder high waves. 

Getting to surf the sea of Cortez was an amazing experience and believe me when I say every surfer in Baja dreams of finding uncrowded waves where there’s not a single other surfer.


The water is nice, and Jenny even took out her paddleboard, went out in the evening doing some headstands and some yoga.


RV Flip-flops

 Once you arrived at the island, you will be welcomed with nice breezy winds and waves washing gently on shore. But before you get there, you will have to pass this challenging terrain in Baja. It would have been nice to have a set of SnapPads.

We do have some now and they make a huge difference for places like Baja where we were on very uneven terrain. It gives us a larger footprint and, in our case, the Prime SnapPad has over three times larger than the original jack size.






















You can consider these your RV’s flip-flops from Mexico or basically anywhere you wouldn’t want to walk barefoot. It’s very eco-friendly made out of recycled tires where you can just set it and forget it.






















Check out these products from SnapPad and see what best suits your rig.















































Squatting on Land – Unfamous History

























We met one of the neighbors, Skeeter, a long-time resident who had some really cool history about the area. He mentioned a rule about squatting on an area of land and after five years, that land is yours.






















If you made upgrades to make it better and if no one has ever tried to claim it within the time you have been there for five years, I guess you could call it yours.
















































Best Spot to go Spearfishing in Gonzaga Bay

























One perk of living near the shore is the breath of fresh air. If you are looking for a place to relax and do some cool beach activities, like surfing and spearfishing, then Gonzaga Bay is the right place for you.






















After the wind dies down and there weren’t any surf waves, we decided to go spear some fish with our neighbors Fabian and Isabella from Live and Give 4×4. We have no idea of what the best fish is to try to catch so we asked the people around and took some fish advice and guides for spearfishing.






















We geared up about to get into the water and while we are at it, Jenny saw this big old jack up truck blaring some crazy music full of what looks like college kids with sunburned skins and tattoos. Turns out that they were there to go spearfishing. At this time, we were in the water and these guys were behind us. In the end, we were all going out spearfishing together.






















Surprisingly, these men were spearfishing professionals. They have suitable gears, camouflage suits, and complete veterans.















































Gonzaga Bay and The Fish

























If you are hanging out from the shore, the water looks so clear at that view. On the mountain looking down like the drone footage, it looks like it’s such clear water but when we got out there, the water was foggy visibility. You could see the ground roughly five to ten feet and ten feet being stretched but five feet on average. In some spots, you couldn’t even see two feet. It made it very difficult to be underwater trying to look for fish.






















We started talking to the guys and they were generous enough to have their fish for dinner. It turns out they spearfish every single day it makes me feel bad for sucking at it.






















The fish was as fresh as seafood and being out there spearfishing was a very cool experience. We took the fish and had it cleaned. Fabian hadn’t done any fish cleaning or filleting before, but I showed him how to gut and scale the fish and went to the chopping board, and started threading and stripping the fish for filleting.















































Night Party Near the Sea of Cortez

























By evening, we all migrated back over into our own RV because it’s big enough to fit everybody inside very comfortably. We had a little dinner party, blending up margaritas and using the lights on the radio.






















We have all the lights on and used our batteries over the night from the power we stored from all of our sun’s solar energy. It was our first real experience using solar power and It didn’t disappoint.















































Goodbye, Gonzaga Bay

























Our one-day trip to Gonzaga bay turned into almost a week and then we have to keep moving. Nutmeg has some valuable friends at this point so it’s hard to say goodbye to all the dogs that she played with.






















We were also in a hurry to leave because the roads south of Gonzaga Bay were closed for highway construction which is not going to be done anytime soon. It’s a massive 20-mile stretch, and we will be taking a detour.






















Traveling south of the border is something you should definitely consider. Baja, Mexico is beautiful. Not only the sea of Cortez will take you to a life-long experience, but also the new places that you have yet to see will bring more to you than just a vacation.















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