Cuesta del Infierno is Baja’s Highway to Hell and if you like to ride crazy roller coasters, this road is for you. As we travel down to San Ignacio from Guerrero Negro, we ran out of supplies. Ventured into the busy town and met locals who helped us navigate to the closest supermarket. A piece of advice, pay attention to your Spanish lessons, will you?



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Guererro Negro’s Supermarket

As we followed a man on his motorbike, he helped us navigate to the nearest supermarket to buy groceries. We bought a couple of goodies and a pack of Creme de Agria or what we know as sour creams. We were expecting to find hard tacos but unfortunately, there aren’t any. Corn Tortillas and Flour Tortillas are more common in Baja and none of them are crispy.

However, there are a lot, and I say, a lot of bird poop everywhere! The supermarket is an open store where there is no available air condition. Birds can enter the market anytime, and crap basically anywhere. Despite it, the ambiance is warm and fresh from birds chirping.


Military Checkpoint

Before you enter San Ignacio, there’s a military checkpoint waiting for you at the end of the road. This, I say, was the most thorough inspection we had on our trip to Baja. Unlike our previous Border Crossing episode, the checkpoint before San Ignacio is comprehensive. They had these huge sand-colored off-road military trucks. It was our first time where the military checked our fridge and cabinets. We almost thought we brought a piece of thing that shouldn’t be there supposedly. The soldier asked where we are headed and I mentioned the whale sharks called Ballena as it is the popular watching area in San Ignacio.

We stayed over at Rice and Beans, a small hotel-like parking space in that place. There is massive off-road racing and a lot of racing occurs here in Baja. Rice and Bean is the destination for these cool racers.


Cuesta del Infierno: Baja’s Highway to Hell

Leaving San Ignacio and traveling the eastern coast of Baja is fun and if you come across the famous road called Cuesta del Infierno otherwise termed in English as ‘Baja’s Highway to Hell.’ It’s a long curvy road of endless mountain highways. But hey, it’s worth the ride!


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