This season,  I (Jesse) depart the soggy, cold, Pacific Northwest for a flight down to meet my dad and brother in the sunshine state. Then, with our truck loaded, we make the drive up to JJ Farms Hunt Club located nearby Hopkinsville Kentucky. The drive north takes roughly 12 hours, but trying to purchase provisions and licenses the same day isn’t very practical. “Camp” is still another 30 minutes outside town and it too requires time for setup. So instead, we checked into the hotel Ryan so graciously reserved ahead of time. After checking in, we head to dinner across the street, with a detour through the country to see if any big deer were out lurking around. Right away we saw several deer and a few good sized bucks which were clearly chasing the female does. The bucks were in rut for opening weekend this year!! For anyone unfamiliar with deer seasons, this is the time of year when the typically clever, ninja-like bucks drop their guard and become “man whores”. They literally chase female deer around the woods and pro-create with or without consent. The past couple years, they weren’t “in rut” so close encounters were rare.

Friday we awoke well rested and made the annual trip to “The WalMart”, where we purchased hunting licenses, all food we’d have for the coming week, and plenty of beer. Of course anything the women back home can’t know about such as new guns or unjustifiably expensive items are purchased with CA$H. Upon reaching hunt camp, we unload & set up beds, cots, and miscellaneous hunt gear before heading out to prep our hunting spots. Uncle Don does an awesome job managing the property for Jeff, and this year was no exception. Deer feeders were full of corn, with batteries charged and timers properly set. Certain parts of the property were mowed down to provide safe firing lanes, and very little was needed to ready ourselves for Saturday morning’s epic opening day.

To know the rest of the story, you’ll have to just watch the video for yourself! Enjoy and please leave a comment here or on Youtube about what you do/don’t like, and what you’d like to see next year. Please SUBSCRIBE and become part of the Hunt Club, or heck, go all out and click the thumbs up as well!

“Popdance” Bensound
“Feeling Good” Purple Planet Music
“Warhammer” Purple Planet Music
Corncob Country – Kevin Macleod, Incomptech


Olympus OM-D E-M5 MarkII
Olympus 14-150mm f1.4-5.6 lens
Go Pro Hero 3 Black
Feiyu Tech G4S Go Pro Gimbal
Benro A2573FS4 Tripod