As I type this, cold February rain is pitter-pattering the roof, reminding me it’s too wet outside for any sort of bike riding. I miss the feel of earth racing beneath my bike, and the sweat beading down my skin as I grind up the trail. What I wouldn’t

Taking a break by rapids with lava fields just across the river while riding the Deschutes River Trail.

trade to swap this soggy mud for some good, tacky dirt. Perhaps as a compromise, I found some old video footage we shot last fall during a trip down to Bend, Oregon. Some good friends put us up for the night and we got to check out a few pretty cool places around the area.

We first pass Mt Hood as we wind our way up out of the Columbia Gorge and into the high desert. Evergreens and mountains give way to long expansive views across the flat brown terrain. After reaching Bend we head up into the Mt Bachelor area and find more evergreens as well as plenty of snow. Itching to fly the drone, we chance the howling winds for a few minutes of aerial footage. You wouldn’t know it from the video but the wind was over 40mph!

Epic views all around.

We head back down from the ski area to the Deschutes River Trail for a mellow bike ride with a view. Along the way we find plenty of wildlife, lava fields, and amazing fall colors heralding the end of bike season. But not before we scuttle down to Smith Rock’s trail system for one last trail ride. At Smith Rock we’re rewarded with fun singletrack and a beautiful sunset.

Mountain Biking in & around Bend OR

Does anyone else feel like an ant looking up the anthill?




Bikers take note, only some trails around the Smith Rock are accessible to bikes. Check the posted trail maps before heading down into the canyon or you might find yourself being chased out! The same goes for sections of the Deschutes River Trail. Most bike shops in Bend have trail maps to help you plan the best routes. We picked up a nice waterproof copy in town at one of Hutch’s Bicycles‘ shops.


Mountain Biking in & around Bend OR

Sunset over the river

Whether it’s mountain biking, hiking, or any method of transport, I hope you get outside and experience one of these amazing places.