Kicking 2018 into full throttle – BAJA BOUND

It’s been awhile since our last blog post. By awhile, I mean like half a year! That coincidentally is around the time our baby boy Tucker was born. Funny how that works.

We’ve been awful with our social media, website, YouTube videos, you name it. I’m optimistic that change is afoot and that’s because in a matter of days we FINALLY begin the trip! We won’t have as many familial obligations on the road, and we’ll be able to refocus on creating content and sharing our adventure.

Our first leg will be driving the RV down through Baja, California (Mexico). Information is scarce, and parts of Baja are said to be as empty, deserted, and unchanged as they were in the 70’s. A few RV park websites have current information, but many websites haven’t been updated in 10 years or more. This is one of those rare opportunities to have a real adventure.

That means we need to be resilient and prepared for whatever comes our way. The RV, truck, and dirtbike all need to be tip-top. Surfboards strapped down, tire pressure checked, and seatbelts fastened. Since we’re doing all this prep work, it seems like a good chance to share how we’re getting everything ready.

Our next handful of videos will be about just that. Maintenance, repairs, and checking everything in the RV. This first video will be about servicing our generator, what parts and tools are needed, and how it was done. The “RV Geeks” have already created an amazing YouTube video series on this same topic so we don’t go into too much detail. Be sure to check those videos out if you haven’t already seen them. You could look these next few videos of ours more as what not to do. For example, don’t drop your oily dipstick onto the sand. Sand is bad for the engine in case you were wondering.

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