We never expected boondocking with Mexico’s Millionaire couple. In our 11th episode, we move our RV front and center, in a wealthy community south of Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico. Funny how things seem to work out. We’d been cramped inside a noisy & dusty RV park and now find ourselves amongst millionaires. The house beside us goes for about $4k per night, or so we were told.

Sure Baja is dusty n’ dirty, but there’s always another beach around the next corner waiting to wash it all off, and remind us what an amazing country Mexico is.

Before we jump right in, make sure to check out our previous blog post Driving Our RV Through A Crazy Parade or watch the content on our YouTube channel OOOPS! RV Drives THROUGH Parade



Where’s The Spot?

We parked our RV at a place not-so-good enough for big vehicles like ours. After driving through La Paz, our next goal is to find a place to park. We did. But the area is too tight for a 30,000 pounds motorhome. To make it short, our current RV spot is not the IDEAL spot. SO we venture into searching for the perfect place to park. As we find a spot, all the roads suck so much! Potholes everywhere.

A quick trivia, there’s a reason why roads in Baja are the worst. One way to keep in mind is the better roads, the more crowds. The worst roads, the lesser crowds. Maybe Baja doesn’t want any tourist to go down to a public beach?

After getting through those crazy roads, we finally came down to a nice spot near the beach. We even had permission from the owner of the land to park our RV.

Perks of Traveling with a Baby?

One of the greatest things about our travel is getting to see Tucker’s milestone. There’s a chance that we couldn’t remember all these memories but one of what we won’t forget is when Tucker pulled himself up from sitting. It’s just those little things that make you happy. The cool thing about it is we got to see that!

Spearfishing, again?

After the waves calmed down, I decided to go spearfishing. It’s a crazy place! Every time I breathe up for air, I find myself feeling a little bit alert. There were no people around. It was only me, and some fish. My attempt to spearfish went from hopeful to hopeless. Watch the video to learn why.

Boondocking With Mexico’s Millionaire Couple

After spending our sunsets by the beach, the next day we headed over to explore the area. Met a few neighbors and had a chance to talk with the owners of the land. Our next episode will tell you more about our crazy, luxurious, and fun experience boondocking with Mexico’s millionaire couple!

Thanks for joining us, and we can’t wait to share the amazing experiences awaiting you in Baja Mexico. In every episode, we share the twists and turns that make Baja a true adventure. We‘ll take you up and down the entire peninsula as we drive our 40′ Class A motorhome, with a dog AND a baby on board, all while towing a full-size pickup. It’s a handful. 🤦‍♂️


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