If you’re heading south of the border, these 5 Facts About Bahia Concepcion will help you travel south. Our journey heading to Mexico was great. We would never trade Bahia Concepcion for anything! The bay itself is just so pristine. We could almost live there! Good thing we’re driving in our RV.

We want you to experience the same so we’ve gathered a little cool information about the marvelous and beautiful bay of Bahia Concepcion.



5 Facts About Bahia Concepcion

1. Bahia Concepcion is one of Baja’s largest bays, which features over 50 miles of beaches. Can you believe that? 50 miles of beaches everyone! Grab your pair of swimwear and drive to Baja, Mexico!

2. Bahia Concepcion is the perfect place for paddleboarding. If you love paddle boarding, you should definitely check this place out. Its calm waters will make you wish you’re a fish!

3. They have an area called Rookery where the breeding grounds of colony-forming seabirds and marine animals are found.

4. There is an island of bird poop just kilometers away from the beach.

5. Bahia Concepcion is Just over 20 miles long and varies from two to five miles in width. February is a great time to visit but the closer you get to Summer, the hotter it gets. Time your visit wisely!

Bonus: There are also some large animals that do get to Bahia around April or May.

Bahia Concepcion is Mexico’s Best RV Beach and make sure to visit this place even if it’s not on your list.


Leaving Bahia Concepcion

As soon as we decided to leave Bahia Concepcion, we headed southbound where another military checkpoint was held. It wasn’t as thorough as when you’re heading north on the other side where there’s a long line of traffic. The soldier just waved us through and we drove forward to south.

On our way to Loreto, we’re running low on propane and luckily, there’s a big compound where they manufacture propane. So we drove in and requested a refill. They have all the RV tools and parts needed to get your rig going. You just have to pay 10.26 Mexican Pesos for every 1 liter. In US currency, that will be $2.28 per gallon which is already cheap and affordable.


SnapPads Prime

We recommend every Rvers to have a set of SnapPads to bring with you on your travel. Check out the list of SnapPads here.

It’s nice to have a set of SnapPads. We are using the SnapPad Prime which is designed for our jacks. Each one is 10″ in diameter. Each SnapPad varies, but ours are over 300% more surface area than our original 10″ jack’s surface area. It makes a huge difference for places like Baja where there’s uneven terrain. It gives us a larger footprint and in our case, the Prime SnapPads are three times larger than the original jack size. Consider this your RV’s flipflops for anywhere you wouldn’t want to walk barefoot.

They are very eco-friendly and made out of recycled tires which is cool. But that way, you can just set it and forget it.


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