Ever wonder about when to visit Mexico’s Best RV Beach in 2021? Are you planning a trip south of the border in your RV? With a baby? A dog? Well, we did all that on our trip to Baja, Mexico! I can remember the fine and white sand and the sight of the aquamarine water in Bahia Concepcion as we turn around the brown desert landscape while driving to this beautiful countryside bay.

Try crossing the border and experience the fun we had! It’s all worth the effort exploring around and pulling over a strange place in Baja, meeting the locals in a town called Punta Final, and driving along the long highway of hell before getting to your destination in Bahia Concepcion.



Mexico’s Best RV Beach in 2021

So why Bahia Concepcion? A best RV beach to go to in 2021? Summer is near and going out for a fun and relaxing outdoor experience in such a beautiful place will turn your journey into something fantastic! Not to mention the crazy and bumpy ride you will experience going south of the border. If you have lots of places to stop over, you definitely want to fill your water tanks full. Aside from boondocking in the middle of nowhere and paying for water in a cheap water station, getting there is definitely worth the shot!


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