One moment in our life when we were driving our RV through a crazy parade, we didn’t think of stumbling upon a bunch of people getting loud in Baja, Mexico. It was exciting! Even if we were in a hurry, which was our first mistake, these fun people passed through us waving and yelling. It almost never stopped!

I might ask, have you ever stood behind a pickup truck in a parade? It sure looks fun! When we came across these crowds, it looks like some sort of festivities happening in La Paz. Amazingly, they started it with an exciting and colorful motorcade.

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We Found Palm Beach

When we left Punta Conejo, we drove further south to La Paz until sunset. So we decided to find a place to pull over. Luckily, we found Palm Beach. It’s a secluded place where you have to park your vehicle up front and hike your way in over a mile to arrive at the shore. There were also ruins of the mansion of the former Mexican president just kilometers away from the beach. We thought it’s cool.

Palm Beach reminded us quite a bit of the beaches in Oregon. It’s pretty similar where you have to walk about 15 minutes from the parking lot. It’s an amazing place to see in Baja especially if you like the beach.

Lost and Found Binoculars

While we were walking along the shore, we found a good pair of binoculars. On the other side of the beach, there were people having a picnic. We assumed it was theirs so we had to approach them and find out. Fortunately, it was theirs and they intentionally left it in the spot where we found it. It came to our knowledge that they own several pretty big beach properties throughout the area. One of them happened to be south of Palm Beach. There was a big luxurious house in the middle of the area and a few neighbors living adjacent.

We weren’t really satisfied with where our RV was parked in El Litro, Todos Santos so we asked the couple who owned the land where we could find a good spot to park our RV. However, the couple offered us to park anywhere! I mean, they owned the lot and so we were welcomed to hookup near the beach. They were generous enough to offer us the beach front. It was the very ideal spot to park, nonetheless.

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