Do you know that hanging underwear at Coco’s corner is a thing in Baja, Mexico? Mexico is a good place to start if you are planning on crossing borders. Something like a strange peninsula with underwear hanging on the ceiling. And if you haven’t been to Coco’s Corner, It’s a must-stop place. They have tons of great activities like spearfishing in Gonzaga Bay, boondocking in Arizona on your way to Baja, surfing the waves at the stretch of coast from Gonzaga Bay to Bahia de Los Angeles, and plenty more fun outdoor experience.


Great Times

It’s funny looking back. On our drive to Bahia Gonzaga, a beautiful little coastal outpost, the roads were rough. We learned about Vado’s (huge dips in the highway designed for flood water) and we also learned to be very cautious for hazards. Many hazards aren’t marked, and others will have the most random things possible, used as a warning.

Some of our fav’s have been broken patio furniture half shoved into a large hole, half sticking out (I guess if you crash into it at least you have something comfortable to rest on. And in the last episode, you might’ve seen us and Live&Give 4×4 checking out the road marker placed in the center of the road. Some road workers would just fix the hole, but these guys decided to leave the hole and install an official road marker next to the hole, in the center of the highway. Hilarious!

So while we thought the road to GBay was rough, Baja still had some surprises for us! 20 miles (just under 40km) of windy, rough, mountainous detours to reach the next highway. The alternate was over a hundred miles of backtracking, so we pressed ahead.

Buckle up If you want to know how we drove to Baja through Texas and see more cool and interesting things to do while you are at it.

RV Fridge Won’t Work?

As we were on our way to Baja, our Norcold RV Refrigerator decided to quit working. Now, if you are a full-time RVer traveling around America, that could be a terrible thing. It is not a good situation for anyone especially for us as we must keep Jenny’s insulin cold.

After that incident in Texas where our fridge stopped working, we got it back up. But it gradually cools less efficiently which led me to do some shopping. Luckily, I found out that you can replace the cooling unit instead of the entire fridge which is great for several reasons.

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy A New Fridge For Your RV

1. It saves you a lot of money.

Almost half or less of the cost of a new fridge but in our case, it was a third of the whole price.

2. It costs you to do less work.

If we decided to buy a new fridge, we have to remove the windshield of our RV just to get the old fridge out and the new fridge in, and that alone is burdensome.

3. It minimizes waste products.

Replacing an entire fridge means everything will be going to a landfill. We have to maintain our fridge in the box and just replace the failed components on the back of the fridge.

4. Your old fridge matches the interior of your rig.

Buying a new fridge could be a hassle if you like to keep your interior looking nice and clean. Fairly complementing your display. A yellow-colored fridge would not be a perfect match for a rusty-colored interior unless you want your fridge to stand out.

 If you find yourself in need of an RV refrigerator or cooling unit, we can genuinely say that the folks over at JC Refrigeration do a very good job. They are made right here in the United States. They offer a couple of options for your rig. Fortunately for you, they are offering $50 off any cooling unit they sell and free consultation over the phone. All you have to do is mention our video or Jesse and Jenny of Outside Is Calling to get this discount.

If you like, we have a whole video of installing RV cooling units to your fridge ready for you to watch. Alternatively, you can read our Ultimate RV Fridge Upgrade to know more.

Leaving Gonzaga Bay

We have been at Gonzaga Bay for a couple of days and it is becoming a tradition where every time we leave, we have to try and make sure we don’t get stuck after almost getting stranded crossing the borders.

As we leave Gonzaga Bay, the roads were worse than we took to get there. It is a rough road to get to this area and little did we know, the roads are going to get much unpleasant as we tried to get to San Ignacio. We got to the paved part of highway 5 and we did not know how far down until we hit the construction. We decided to go ahead, hook up, and tow the truck with the RV. Just about three to four miles was the detour.

We drove separately and each of us used walkie-talkies. While we were driving and getting up around a curve, there was another massive class A RV coming through. The woman and their husband with their handheld transceiver were able to channel through ours, so I stopped and allowed them to pass by.

A piece of advice if you are traveling in an RV and you have a tow vehicle on a lousy road, it is nice to get into a system where someone is driving up front and striking signals for any hazards and potential dangers along the way.

Hanging Underwear at COCO’s CORNER

They do not have a lot of signs in Mexico, but the cool thing is they improvise. Make sure to do your research so you will know what to expect.

Somewhere around the halfway point was Coco’s Corner. People say it is a MUST STOP on Mexico Highway 5. It is owned by an elderly Mexican man who lives there and sells beer. There’s not a lot of information about it but what’s interesting to see is their ceiling. You may wonder why but hanging underwear at Coco’s Corner might be something.

If you happen to stop by and you are thinking of stopping over at Coco’s Corner, then you will be surprised at what was on their ceiling. There are undergarments hanged everywhere! From panties to diapers, it was totally bizarre.

We also signed our names in his book and say you have been there. Take some pictures and enjoy your little stopover. Quite a chance to stop and stretch your body.

We finished up at Coco’s corner because we have a long 20 kilometers more of bumpy roads. We passed several other RVers and passed something like a unimod, some off-road RVs. While we did not make it to the end of this detour, hours later, the cable of our cooling system was in pretty rough shape.

They did not make it.

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