Do you happen to know about the secret place for the right surfers somewhere in Baja, Mexico? Fear not! Punta Conejo Is the right beach to surf right-handed waves! Our journey heading south is full of amazing and crazy destinations but it sure was fun.

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Road To Punta Conejo

South of Loreto, the highway veers back across Baja back towards the west coast and you go through the mountains again but these mountains are very beautiful. It has a lot more cacti and more greenery on them. Again, there are some windy mountain roads but it’s very scenic. For us, we took our time and drove safe and slow. We pulled over a couple of times so we could drone and Jenny could make a runaround.

Luckily, we have this book with us right here. Surfer’s Guide to Baja and it gave us the kilometer mile markers. Had we not had this, we definitely would have missed our turn. We’re going to Punta Conejo (Rabbit point). It’s a point on the pacific coast where it’s one of the few places in Mexico or in Baja Mexico where you can surf left-handed waves. Most of Baja Mexico is all right-handed waves for surfing. This is one of the few spots for people who prefer left-hand waves. You can square some lefts so if you wanted to check it out, go head south!

But there’s nothing there—you probably won’t find it on a regular map of Baja. It is a very basic camping area—essentially strictly for surfers. There’s no other reason to go out there. If you think this is the secret place for the right surfers, don’t even hesitate to come all the way down to see these amazing waves!

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